28 August 2014

A Not for Profit research study into employee retention identifies a gap in the perceptions of HR managers and employees around the reasons employees leave. Understanding the five top reasons employees leave can help NFPs take action to improve retention.

27 August 2014

New research shows Not for Profit leaders are quite positive about the philanthropic climate but warn that corporate giving is on the decline.

27 August 2014

A survey of 2,500 businesses in 34 economies finds that businesses are being driven towards more socially and environmentally sustainable practices not simply by brand building or altruism, but because it makes good financial sense.

27 August 2014

Marketing can become the driver of change across an organisation in CSR terms if marketers harness the skills and influence they have, according to the Australian Marketing Institute.

26 August 2014

A new approach to tackling homelessness has managed to keep a roof over 90 per cent of participants after the first two years, a new Not for Profit report has found.

26 August 2014

The Not for Profit sector is invited to a challenging discussion with three acclaimed charity leaders about the year that was and what may lie ahead - some 12 months since the election of the Abbott Government.

26 August 2014

Not for Profits have called for a major collaboration between community, business and Governments to address the alarming increase in youth unemployment.

26 August 2014

Threats of welfare loss alone don’t work to get Indigenous students to school, new research has revealed.

26 August 2014

Homelessness figures in Sydney are on the rise with an increase in the number of street homeless, according to a new report by Homelessness NSW.

19 August 2014

New research has revealed a deep and persistent disadvantage for low income households in Sydney at a time when the looming Federal Budget looks set to hit those on the margins hardest.

14 August 2014

Mental health and wellbeing issues faced by parents and carers contacting the Not for Profit Parentline counselling service have increased significantly over the past year, a new report has revealed.

14 August 2014

Australia’s Not for Profit sector risks disappearing and becoming just another rival business in a privatised service market under the current Federal and State Government reform approaches, a Melbourne academic has warned.

14 August 2014

A research study has found that managers within the NFP sector are more likely to leave than their counterparts in the broader workforce. Understanding how to retain the best leaders will help NFPs increase staff satisfaction across the organisation.

11 August 2014

People from Asian backgrounds are significantly under-represented in leadership roles, representing an enormous waste of talent, says the latest research by the Diversity Council Australia.

07 August 2014

A new report has found more older Australians are accessing aged-care services, with the greatest increase in services delivered to people in their homes and in the community.

06 August 2014

A new report into the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and refugee youth in Australia says there’s a need for a continuing focus on English, education and training, and employment.

06 August 2014

Andrew Forrest’s recently released Review of Indigenous Training and Employment Programmes offers a unified set of proposals, however, these options could make things worse, writes Eva Cox, Professorial Fellow Jumbunna IHL at University of Technology, Sydney in this piece first published on The Conversation.

05 August 2014

Law enforcement is not the way to respond to public space issues and homelessness, says a recently released report out of Justice Connect’s Homeless Law program.

31 July 2014

In celebration of its 100th year, the Australian Red Cross has released a comprehensive retelling of its history in the book - The Power of Humanity, 100 years of Australian Red Cross 1914-2014, as Freyla Ferguson reports.

30 July 2014

Responsible investments are in many cases outperforming mainstream investments in Australasia, a new report has revealed.

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