03 September 2015

The Australian Women Donors Network is undertaking research amongst donors to help understand the attitudes and behaviours relating to the inclusion of women and girls amongst grant-making organisations in Australia.

31 August 2015

Australia’s gender pay gap is alive and well, with women needing to work an extra 15 years to retire with the same superannuation balance as men on average, according to the latest figures.

27 August 2015

Children living in foster care and residential care are tracking dramatically behind their
peers, according to new research released by Anglicare Victoria.

26 August 2015

Shared value is yet to take off in Australia, but more companies aspire to incorporate it into their business strategy, a report of ASX 100 companies found.

25 August 2015

Seventy per cent of young Australian’s are entering the workforce in jobs that won’t exist in a decade, a report from The Foundation for Young Australian’s revealed.

20 August 2015

Australia’s disability sector has called for “swift” Government action after the Victorian Commissioner for Children and Young People, found that 166 children had allegedly experienced sexual abuse in residential and institutional settings in Victoria.

20 August 2015

A Senate committee has recommended a shake-up of the out-of-home care system, which was found to be failing children in care.

20 August 2015

The Scanlon Foundation has released a discussion paper exploring the changing concept of citizenship and its role in maintaining and fostering social cohesion in Australia.

18 August 2015

Impact investing and responsible investment have grown to record levels in Australia, with more than $629 billion in assets being managed under responsible investment strategies, according to a new report.

18 August 2015

Access to credit provided by online sports betting companies, as well as inadequate mechanisms for limiting losses, is fuelling a dangerous increase in online sports betting and problem gambling, according to a report released today by Financial Counselling Australia.

18 August 2015

A new Not for Profit report shows that women with diverse gender and sexual identities are at greater risk of mental and physical health issues.

13 August 2015

Federal Parliament has passed legislation to establish the Abbott Government’s landmark $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund with an amendment that requires a newly formed Advisory Board to have expertise in philanthropy.

13 August 2015

There are only 4,600 “high wealth individuals” in Australia with personal assets of $30 million or more, but despite making up just 0.04 per cent of taxpayers, these mega-rich people are shaping public policy at an alarming level, writes Ian McAuley from the University of Canberra in this article originally published in The Conversation.

12 August 2015

Narrow definitions of social enterprise and a limited knowledge of the emerging sector among financiers and the wider public have been identified as key resourcing challenges.

12 August 2015

The first model for assessing the compatibility between employer and employee social responsibility within individual organisations could reshape the way CSR is understood and measured.

11 August 2015

The 2015 annual national survey of the Australian Not for Profit sector by Pro Bono Australia is set to provide crucial insights into the sector’s confidence level and its expectations for the future.

10 August 2015

Australia’s formal education system has been ranked number one in the world but vocational skills and lack of policies enabling competitiveness are causing it to fall behind other countries, a new global report has found.

06 August 2015

New research into how and why Queenslanders volunteer may be key to combatting the decline of people who volunteer regularly, according to the Cancer Council Queensland.

06 August 2015

A landmark report into the lives and welfare of young Aboriginal children in Western Australia has urged community organisations to develop new and innovative approaches to help improve their future wellbeing.

06 August 2015

Charities have been rated as some of the most trustworthy institutions in Australia, ranked only behind doctors and police, and nine out of every 10 Australians have given to charity in the last year, a new report from the national regulator has found.

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