22 July 2014

Billionaire Australian businessman James Packer is setting up one of Australia’s largest philanthropic foundations pledging $200 million over 10 years in charity funding.

17 July 2014

The lack of systematic reform of Australia's Deductible Gift Recipient framework is a particular problem and continues to let many of our charities down, writes Krystian Seibert, Policy & Research Manager with Philanthropy Australia.

17 July 2014

Pro Bono Australia’s Guide to Giving publication will celebrate its 25th year in 2015 - a publication that puts Not for Profit organisations in front of 56,000 donors Australia-wide each year.

17 July 2014

Making a positive impact on society through thoughtful investments of time, money, or expertise ranks highly among the world’s wealthiest according to a new global report.

16 July 2014

A ground-breaking online donation matching marketplace called Givematcher allows any Australian donor to donate to charities and, in real-time, to have their donations matched by a choice of socially-minded companies that have allocated budgets to support the same charities.

15 July 2014

A new collective giving circle, the Melbourne Women’s Fund, has attracted prominent women in philanthropy ahead of its official launch on July 21.

14 July 2014

More than 50 leading Australian and international speakers will join up to 1,000 delegates to debate and discuss trends in philanthropy and giving at Philanthropy Australia’s 2014 National Conference in Melbourne on September 2 - 3.

10 July 2014

Donor peak body Philanthropy Australia has launched a national awards program to honour outstanding philanthropic leaders for their significant achievements in the Australian philanthropic sector.

10 July 2014

A grant of $50,000 is on offer for a Queensland charity that provides social welfare support to people who are most disadvantaged.

03 July 2014

In this latest Blog, Not for Profit Fulbright Scholar, Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine writes that philanthropists need to look beyond specific issues and support broad platforms of dialogue and debate to maximise their relevance and impact.

20 June 2014

Philanthropy Australia has announced the appointment of Alan Schwartz as the new President of the national philanthropic peak body - six months after long-time President Bruce Bonyhady resigned.

19 June 2014

A new charity set up to help schools access philanthropic funding has appointed its first Chief Executive Officer.

17 June 2014

The re-establishment of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership program could be the ideal chance to initiate a cultural change in attitudes to giving, writes Philanthropy Australia Policy and Research Manager Krystian Seibert.

02 June 2014

Supporters of the Not for Profit peak body Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) have responded to the Federal Government’s cut to the peak body’s core funding - donating $50,000 in two days to its emergency funding appeal.

30 May 2014

Australian philanthropist and retired transport magnate Greg Poche has donated $10 million to the University of Melbourne for a leadership development program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals.

29 May 2014

Social problems do matter to business, the co-founder of the progressive social change models Collective Impact and Shared Value, US-based Mark Kramer has told a public event hosted by oil and gas giant Woodside in Perth this week.

29 May 2014

In this latest Blog, Not for Profit Fulbright Scholar, Dr Tessa Boyd Caine writes that discussion in the US moves far beyond any notion that philanthropy is a matter for philanthropists alone - both in amount and what is funded and asks what are the implications for Australia.

22 May 2014

UK philanthropic leader and author Julia Unwin will meet with Federal and State MPs including Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews on issues around poverty and inequality during her visit to Australia this week.

08 May 2014

Behavioural economics continues to provide fascinating insights about what drives charitable giving and shows us how it’s even more complex than we may think, writes Philanthropy Australia’s Policy and Research Manager Krystian Seibert.

06 May 2014

In this latest Blog, Not for Profit Fulbright Scholar Dr Tessa Boyd Caine reflects on the importance of research for foundations and other philanthropic enterprises seeking an evidence-base about how to achieve their aims and maximise the effectiveness of their social contribution.

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