30 July 2014

Australia has much to contribute to the understanding of how the Collective Impact community change framework can be implemented, writes visiting Canadian expert, Liz Weaver, Vice President of Tamarack – an Institute for Community Engagement.

30 July 2014

With the appropriate support from the board, developing an organisational capacity for innovation can contribute to meeting the challenges of the Not for Profit and government funded sector, according to innovation specialist Danny Davis.

29 July 2014

It turns out that the policies for under 30s in the Federal Budget in May were a precursor to a much wider set of changes affecting unemployed people across the board, writes Veronica Sheen, Research Associate, School of Social Sciences at Monash University, in this piece first published on The Conversation.

22 July 2014

The wish for collaboration rarely sees translation into reality writes, Geoff Aigner, Director of Social Leadership Australia at The Benevolent Society, which is co-host of Collective Impact 2014 in Melbourne.

16 July 2014

Unilever is a true leader in connecting value for investors to value for society, writes sustainability expert Dr Carol Adams.

16 July 2014

In this case study, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Australia, Richard Wilson, unpacks how a humble light bulb and flatpacked shelter deliver shared value to a range of beneficiaries.

10 July 2014

The Federal Government’s Options Paper on the replacement of the charity regulator suggests that the Government has already made up its mind and, as with the decision to abolish the ACNC, is not really interested in what the sector thinks, writes Professor Ann O’Connell, from the Not-for-profit Project, Melbourne Law School.

10 July 2014

Mental health funding reforms will impact the most vulnerable members of the community while losing years of hard earned innovation and wisdom within the Not for Profit sector, writes Jesuit Social Services CEO Julie Edwards.

09 July 2014

The McClure Welfare Review’s interim report has revealed plans that could put more pressure on people with disability and carers, Australian Greens spokesperson on family and community services and disabilities Senator Rachel Siewert writes.

08 July 2014

New ABS data released this week has put a question mark against the supposed dichotomy between building an economy and building our communities, writes David Crosbie, CEO of the Community Council for Australia.

03 July 2014

Emotional intelligence is increasingly being applied to fundraising where relationship management – building bonds, collaborating, influencing others and inspiring – is a critical part of an effective fundraiser’s armoury, writes leadership coach Geraldine Kilbride at the London Business School.

02 July 2014

What role does the private sector have in achieving the development outcomes of Australia’s foreign aid policy, asks Mark Ingram, CEO of Australian NGO Business for Millennium Development.

01 July 2014

The Federal Government’s revamped Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership faces a challenge to turn around giving in Australia, writes Myles McGregor-Lowndes, Director of The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, at QUT.

01 July 2014

Identifying ways to expand social marketing’s reach beyond individual level interventions is a major challenge facing social marketers, writes Dr Fiona Newton, from the Department of Marketing at the Monash Business School.

26 June 2014

For many people in the community facing life’s challenges, their web of social connections can be threadbare, writes Fiona McLeay, CEO of Justice Connect.

25 June 2014

The Not for Profit sector does not have a monopoly on finding purpose or meaning in a person’s work life, writes Michael Garnett from ReachOut.com by Inspire Foundation.

24 June 2014

Most people could name one person who helped guide and support them while growing up, however some are not so lucky. In this piece, former Queensland Premier and YWCA NSW Chief Executive Officer Anna Bligh looks at how mentoring can be a powerful tool for change.

19 June 2014

The release of the Senate Report into the ACNC Repeal Legislation reveals that there are powerful groups, with unrivalled access to the Minister’s office, that do not want the scrutiny of an independent body like the ACNC, writes Professor Ann O’Connell, from the Not-for-profit Project, Melbourne Law School.

18 June 2014

The push for increased workplace giving awareness is both timely and full of potential, writes Jenny Geddes, CEO of the Australian Charities Fund.

18 June 2014

The worlds of marketing and business have changed, says James Meldrum, Founder of Wholekids, Australia’s first food B-Corporation, who looks at how to take control of an organisation’s brand during this evolving time.

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