22 April 2014

An innovative new Not for Profit project is on a mission to revive the art of neighbourliness across Australia and is calling for broad community participation to ensure its long-term success.

22 April 2014

A clinical psychologist from one of Victoria’s biggest child and family service organisations has been awarded a fellowship to travel to the US and Canada to study best practice for a therapeutic program for traumatised children and youth.

17 April 2014

Embracing commercial best practices can take Not for Profits from good to great, writes Westpac Social Sector Banking’s National Marketing Manager Lali Wiratunga.

17 April 2014

A legal Not for Profit specialising in older people’s welfare will deliver a Queensland Government program providing free legal advice for residents of retirement villages and manufactured home parks in what the Government claims is a first for the State.

10 April 2014

A Melbourne entrepreneur has developed an online crowdsourcing service allowing Not for Profits and others to “ask the crowd” for their opinions and ideas to deliver almost immediate responses.

10 April 2014

The Foundation to Prevent Violence against Women and their Children and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) have joined forces to deliver a national approach to preventing violence against women and their children.

09 April 2014

Despite the natural appeal of impact investment to charitable trusts and foundations, few have embraced the practice, challenged by the misperceptions that investing for impact necessitates an appetite for high risk or a financial trade-off, new research suggests.

09 April 2014

The influence of public opinion versus stakeholder opinion in the lifecycle of issues comes down to power, writes visiting Canadian expert Robert Boutilier, PhD, Senior International Associate, ACCSR.

08 April 2014

A new monthly publication will use Pro Bono Australia’s extensive experience and depth of reporting to deliver a synthesis of the best ‘must reads’ for Australia’s Not for Profit board members.

03 April 2014

Banking giant Westpac has launched what it has described as the single largest private education scholarship program in Australia’s history.

03 April 2014

Philanthropic support in the form of seed funding, along with a number of broadcast mentors, have helped launch a new community digital radio channel for Australia’s youth called SYN Nation.

26 March 2014

Top postgraduate students are set to help social enterprises develop new business models and become more “investor ready” under a new Social Innovation Fellowships Program established by UTS Business School.

26 March 2014

The big opportunity on the horizon for social enterprise development in Australia may be the National Disability Insurance Scheme, writes Chris Mason, from the Swinburne Centre for Social Impact, in an article first published in The Conversation.

25 March 2014

Melbourne housing and homelessness provider, HomeGround Services, has opened the doors to its long anticipated real estate agency offering property and tenancy management services to investors and socially minded property owners.

13 March 2014

A ground-breaking salary survey into the expanding Australian Not for Profit sector reveals that a large proportion of Not for Profit salaries and pay rates are not being reviewed on a regular basis.

12 March 2014

Social change advocates Dawn O’Neil AM and Kerry Graham explore an amazing tale of how philanthropy working together with government, non-government and the community can profoundly change a complex system through a collective impact effort that significantly changes lives.

26 February 2014

Not for Profit Communications Advocacy group, the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has launched its 2104 Grants Scheme worth a quarter of a million dollars.

17 February 2014

It’s Dateline July 1 2021. Policy consultant and NFP leader, Moira Deslandes takes a look back at a list of the Top 10 decisions from the future that helped Not for Profits survive in 2014.

13 February 2014

One of the world’s leading public sector reform gurus arrives in Australia at the weekend and his mind’s on revolution and major changes in the role of the Not for Profit sector. Journalist Sue Vittori speaks with Bill Eggers from his home in Arlington, Virginia, before he heads Down Under.

06 February 2014

A new tool to help smaller charities and faith-based organisations decide on their asset allocation when investing has been produced by an ethical funds manager.

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