18 December 2014

As leaders we can learn a lot from world athletes, writes Lali Wiratunga, National Marketing Manager, Social Sector Banking at Westpac, who offers his thoughts on how Social Sector leaders can improve their own performance in 2015.

17 December 2014

A two day forum exploring payment-by-outcome projects, focusing on the social causes of re-offending in Queensland, delivered some challenging but innovative approaches to addressing them, writes Sandy Blackburn-Wright, Managing Director of Social Outcomes.

03 December 2014

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are embracing new technologies, but significant barriers remain when it comes to participating fully in the digital economy and emerging social media culture, according to an e-book commissioned by the Telstra Foundation.

27 November 2014

A retired school teacher has created a board game that she hopes will help bridge the gap between the Not for Profit and for-profit worlds.

25 November 2014

The overall Australian Youth Mentoring of the Year 2014 award has gone to Alan McConachie, a youth mentor with the Standing Tall program in Hamilton, Victoria.

20 November 2014

With house prices in Australia’s capital cities reaching record levels, a new satirical website has been launched to shed light on a serious housing crisis of a different sort.

20 November 2014

It might be an unlikely match but dating app ‘Tinder’ is the new kid on the Not for Profit marketing block, reveals digital marketing expert Richenda Vermeulen.

11 November 2014

Banking Not for Profit, Community Sector Banking, has launched a service which allows customers to give to a range of worthy causes via their every-day banking.

05 November 2014

A new report suggests growing momentum in Australia around collaborative economy platforms that use technology to enable people to share and exchange a variety of goods and services.

05 November 2014

One of Australia's largest property developers has priced the first green bond issued by an Australian corporate.

03 November 2014

A new media and education initiative that blends research and creative disciplines, called The Mannequin Project, has been designed to engage mainstream Australia in the issue of body dissatisfaction, using entertainment and storytelling.

03 November 2014

The founder of social impact investment group Small Giants, Danny Almagor, has been awarded the inaugural Steve Lawrence Award for making a big impact in Australian social innovation.

30 October 2014

A visiting US Collective Impact guru tells Pro Bono Australia News why he is urging Not for Profits to de-prioritise internal benchmarks - calling for them to instead take the bold step of turning outwards to their communities.

23 October 2014

A new online giving portal hopes to empower children to support the needs of disadvantaged children and families with the aim of developing a philanthropic culture in young Australians.

23 October 2014

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has been named as Australia’s top Woman of Influence for 2014 in an award ceremony overnight that also saw honours awarded to two Not for Profit leaders.

22 October 2014

Businessman, philanthropist and former Australian of the Year Simon McKeon has issued a call to arms to Australian corporates to do more for the charity sector, speaking at an economic forum in South Australia.

22 October 2014

A national share offer to raise capital for investment for Australia’s Not for Profit sector has received its first application from an existing Community 21 shareholder, Able Australia.

21 October 2014

Millennials, who are often maligned as a the “me generation” and a selfish group of citizens that are impatient and filled with a sense of entitlement, actually have the power to change the face of the Not for Profit sector, a visiting US impact investment expert has said.

21 October 2014

Health and medical researchers have teamed up with Indigenous aid agencies, policymakers, businesses to help improve the health of Indigenous communities, as part of five grants announced today.

16 October 2014

One of the social impact documentaries supported by the successful philanthropic Good Pitch event has begun a crowdfunding campaign to make up a shortfall to cover filming and post production costs.

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