17 July 2014

The lack of systematic reform of Australia's Deductible Gift Recipient framework is a particular problem and continues to let many of our charities down, writes Krystian Seibert, Policy & Research Manager with Philanthropy Australia.

17 July 2014

Pro Bono Australia’s Guide to Giving publication will celebrate its 25th year in 2015 - a publication that puts Not for Profit organisations in front of 56,000 donors Australia-wide each year.

16 July 2014

A ground-breaking online donation matching marketplace called Givematcher allows any Australian donor to donate to charities and, in real-time, to have their donations matched by a choice of socially-minded companies that have allocated budgets to support the same charities.

16 July 2014

Women’s odds of successfully getting crowdfunded are superior to those of men, according to new research.

15 July 2014

The Australian Tax Office has decided not to appeal a Federal Court decision giving national Not for Profit, the Hunger Project, Public Benevolent Institution status - paving the way for more charities to access the fundraising status.

26 June 2014

In the US, 20 private-sector investors have committed more than $1.5 billion in new impact investments, on the heels of a new report on how the government can partner with investors to unleash new capital and use private money for public good.

18 June 2014

A new report on giving in the US has revealed Americans donated an estimated $335.17 billion to charitable causes in 2013, a three per cent increase from 2012.

18 June 2014

An issuing platform enabling charities to take out loans through bonds listed on the London Stock Exchange has been launched in the UK.

03 June 2014

Another major Not for Profit has turned to crowdfunding to help keep a program operating that matches refugees with skilled mentors following a gap in Federal Government funding.

02 June 2014

Supporters of the Not for Profit peak body Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) have responded to the Federal Government’s cut to the peak body’s core funding - donating $50,000 in two days to its emergency funding appeal.

27 May 2014

A sanctuary dedicated to rescued farm animals in Victoria, called Edgar’s Mission, has set a new Australian record for Not for Profit crowdfunding on

14 May 2014

The Australian Youth Affairs Coalition has been officially de-funded following the release of the Federal Budget.

07 May 2014

A new online platform supported by the Victorian Government is set to simplify the process of accessing community finance for social enterprises and Not for Profits.

01 May 2014

Is your organisation feeling the pressure to diversify its income streams? Here are six things to think about from Sandy Blackburn-Wright, Impact Strategist with the Centre for Social Impact.

24 April 2014

Strict new guidelines for the use of charity bins have been introduced by in the ACT Government after more than a year of negotiations with local charities.

10 April 2014

Not for Profits are looking more and more into innovative ways to improve income streams, one of which is through social enterprise. The presentation “Let’s Talk Business”, as part of the Givewell Forum for Purpose, looked at how NFPs can succeed in maintaining a social enterprise.

26 March 2014

Customer-owned bank, bankmecu has stepped into the online fundraising arena joining with crowdfunding platform Pozible to help fund new social enterprise projects.

25 March 2014

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia’s new Kennel and Puppy Centre is “living proof” that Not for Profit mergers do create more opportunities for clients, says Dr Kevin Murfitt, chair of Vision Australia, a national provider of blindness and low vision services.

06 March 2014

Combining adventure travel with charity fundraising is rapidly rising in popularity, as freelance journalist Sue Vittori discovered at the Fundraising Institute Australia’s recent Melbourne conference.

06 March 2014

The School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia has launched a free fundraising guide for social enterprises and Not for Profits.

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