New Members Sought for Trust for Nature

The Victorian Government is inviting applications from people interested in becoming board members of the Not for Profit conservation organisation, Trust for Nature.

Trust for Nature was established under the Victorian Conservation Trust Act 1972 to enable people to donate land or funds to contribute permanently to nature conservation in the state.

The Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith says Trust for Nature is seeking passionate people to work as trustees for the conservation organisation, to oversee operations and set its direction for the future.

“Trust for Nature is a Not for Profit organisation that assists in the preservation of areas which are ecologically significant, of natural interest or beauty, or of historical interest,” Mr Smith said.

“Trust for Nature assists in wildlife and native plant conservation and works to create and conserve areas for scientific study.

“Over the past 40 years, Trust for Nature has worked to protect nearly 50,000 hectares of private Victorian bushland. In addition, more than 60 properties have been donated or purchased back for Victorians to use as public reserves and parks.

“We are now seeking new members of the board of trustees to continue to drive this work, making a significant contribution to Victoria’s environment,” Smith said.

Trustees will be selected on the basis of their skills and experience in areas relevant to Trust for Nature’s work, including conservation and environment, strategic planning, Indigenous cultural heritage, business and financial management, law, philanthropy and agribusiness.

Six positions will be available from April 2013 until September 2015. Following appointment, the Trust will elect a Chairperson from among the trustees.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to ensuring that the diversity of our boards represents the diversity of our communities. Women, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, young people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply,” the Minister said.

Application forms can be obtained via the Department of Sustainability and Environment’s website at (under ‘Current Vacancies’).

Expressions of interest close at 5pm on Monday November 26, 2012.

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