Former Police Chief Takes On New Role

Christine Nixon. Photo:

Christine Nixon has been appointed inaugural Chair of Good Shepherd Microfinance, a community organisation that offers microfinance programs to people on low and limited incomes.

Chairman of Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, John Hutchings said Nixon’s leadership and commitment to working with communities would assist the organisation reduce poverty through safe, fair and affordable microfinance options.

“Microfinance and financial inclusion is a new focus for Ms Nixon, but she is not new at all to building justice and equality,” Hutchings said.

The former Victorian Chief Police Commissioner said she hopes to build on Good Shepherd Microfinance’s role in Australia.

“It is vital that we expand the award-winning programs that Good Shepherd Microfinance offers, including the No Interest Loans Scheme and StepUp, as well as develop new programs too,” Nixon said.

The Measuring Financial Exclusion in Australia 2012 report showed that 39 per cent of Australians do not have access to mainstream credit products. The report, produced by NAB and the Centre for Social Impact, showed that the overall level of financial exclusion in Australia had risen. 

“Around 17.2 per cent of the adult population were either fully excluded or severely excluded from financial services in 2011, that is just under 3 million Australians,” Nixon said.

“Good Shepherd Microfinance has a strong track record of delivery and advocacy on behalf of Australians on low or limited incomes and my team will be working hard to build on this record.”

The organisation was established over 30 years ago by the Sisters of Good Shepherd. 

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About MFI

It is a great job to needy but it is not happening in proper manner due to target and presurre from higher management to meet their cost.

Awesome news

I think this is a great placement of a truely inspiring woman

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