A ‘Next’ step for YouTube Not for Profits

Flickr image: Attribution Some rights reserved by webtreats

Worldwide video-sharing website YouTube has launched an initiative it says will help Not for Profits better accomplish their mission. It’s called YouTube Next Cause.

YouTube Next Cause will allow Not for Profits to promote their efforts and obtain one-on-one consulting and community engagement tips to grow their YouTube following.

YouTube says Next Cause is designed to help organisations better use online video to drive action.

A YouTube blog announcement says: “We’ve always sought to make YouTube a platform for nonprofits to broadcast their messages. And we’ve seen amazing things happen when the YouTube community comes together in support of great causes.

“With 4 billion views a day, we want to make sure nonprofits have the tools they need to reach the global audience on YouTube and turn video views into donations, volunteerism and awareness.”

This Next Cause program is open to all Not for Profit organisations that are currently part of the YouTube Nonprofit Program (full eligibility requirements).

Selected participants will be invited to attend an exclusive day long summit in San Francisco on April 2, 2012 and will gain access to everything from training in YouTube fundamentals to advanced promotion and community engagement tips to grow their YouTube presence.

The Next Cause program is not available to Australian Not for Profits. However the YouTube Do Gooder awards are open to Australian Not for Profits who are part of (or have applied for) the YouTube for Nonprofits program. 

Check out what Not for Profits are doing on YouTube at youtube.com/nonprofits.

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