More Federal Funds for Pro Bono Legal Work

The Federal Government has announced further measures to assist Australian legal practitioners undertaking international pro bono work including $100,000 for the National Pro Bono (Legal) Resource Centre.

These measures follow the establishment in 2009 of the International Pro Bono Advisory Group to promote international pro bono work by Australia’s legal profession and identify links with the Government’s international development assistance programs.

The Advisory Group was set up to promote international pro bono work by:

  • Publicising international pro bono opportunities to the Australian legal community;
  • Supporting practitioners interested in international pro bono work; and
  • Promoting links between international pro bono providers, governments and NGOs.

To achieve these priorities, Attorney-General, Robert McClelland says additional measures to help better target and coordinate international pro bono work have been agreed, including $100,000 for the National Pro Bono Resource Centre to help Australian law firms and barristers meet some of the costs associated with international pro bono work.

As well the Government has launched a new website portal with links to international pro bono opportunities, resource materials, case studies and practical information for practitioners considering international pro bono work.

Support also includes a ‘Statement of Principles’ aimed at guiding, informing and assisting the delivery of international pro bono legal work.

In addition, an International Pro Bono Roundtable will be held on 27 August 2010 to share lessons learnt in undertaking international pro bono work and explore opportunities for better coordinating this work.

The Roundtable will coincide with the 3rd National Access to Justice and Pro Bono Conference in Brisbane.

The Advisory Group website portal can be found at

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