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Corporate Community is Pro Bono Australia's latest initiative bringing together the willingness of business to address social issues with the community organisations already at the coal-face.

Pro Bono Australia has an extensive and well established audience. Our Corporate Community initiative delivers the first high profile platform committed to delivering CSR and community engagement news and information to a broad national audience. Take a look at the profile pages for the community's foundation members, for example:

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Pro Bono Australia is dedicated to supporting the global movement that is shifting business away from purely profit-driven capitalism towards operating as integrated "social citizens."

Through Corporate Community we aim to:

  • Educate businesses about the value and process of implementing social responsibility strategies into their business model.
  • Provide news and information on all aspects of CSR/Shared Value and community engagement from an Australian perspective whilst drawing on global research and best practice examples.
  • Allow member companies to profile their strategies, share their sustainability reports, discuss their community involvement and share their learnings.

Read our Statement of Ethics for an overview of the guiding principles around this site.


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Reporting for Reporting’s Sake? Sustainability...

Australia’s top listed companies now overwhelmingly recognise the importance of reporting on material sustainability risks but reporting on such risks is one...

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Google Tax Debate Pits Corporate ‘Thieves’ Against...

Ahead of today’s Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance, Carl Rhodes, Professor of Management and Organisation Studies at Macquarie University, breaks...

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The Future of B Corporations is Big

We could soon see larger and more influential companies stepping into the B Corp space but some barriers must be overcome for that to happen, says James...

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Latest News

May 20 2015

Corporate Australia Must Rethink Materiality - Report

Corporates should rethink their approach to identifying the issues that are ‘material’ to their business in sustainability reporting, argues a new white paper from the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR).

Reports, Research & Publications
May 20 2015

From CSR to Creating Shared Value: An Interview with Dr Sarah Cobourn

Dr Sarah Cobourn, Senior Officer of Corporate Affairs at Hitachi Australia speaks to freelance writer Isabel Wagner about her PhD thesis on Creating Shared Value in professional sport and her views on the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Shared Value
May 20 2015

Progress on Crowd-sourced Equity Funding Too Slow?

The Federal Opposition claims the Abbott Government is dragging its feet on reforms to introduce national Crowd-sourced Equity Funding (CSEF) laws.

Reports, Research & Publications
May 20 2015

Corporate Volunteers Shine

Employees of banking giant NAB have delivered one million volunteer hours to community organisations across Australia, announced as part of National Volunteering Week celebrations.

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