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Corporate Community is Pro Bono Australia's latest initiative bringing together the willingness of business to address social issues with the community organisations already at the coal-face.

Pro Bono Australia has an extensive and well established audience. Our Corporate Community initiative delivers the first high profile platform committed to delivering CSR and community engagement news and information to a broad national audience. Take a look at the profile pages for the community's foundation members, for example:

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Pro Bono Australia is dedicated to supporting the global movement that is shifting business away from purely profit-driven capitalism towards operating as integrated "social citizens."

Through Corporate Community we aim to:

  • Educate businesses about the value and process of implementing social responsibility strategies into their business model.
  • Provide news and information on all aspects of CSR/Shared Value and community engagement from an Australian perspective whilst drawing on global research and best practice examples.
  • Allow member companies to profile their strategies, share their sustainability reports, discuss their community involvement and share their learnings.

Read our Statement of Ethics for an overview of the guiding principles around this site.


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Crowd Sourced Equity Funding – A New Funding...

The rise of Crowd Sourced Equity Funding is indicative of increasing interest from the general community to be personally involved in social and caused related...

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Business as an Agent of World Benefit

The notion of business as an agent of world benefit could assist corporations in becoming even more powerful in addressing global social issues writes...

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Reporting for Reporting’s Sake? Sustainability...

Australia’s top listed companies now overwhelmingly recognise the importance of reporting on material sustainability risks but reporting on such risks is one...

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Latest News

Feb 10 2016

B Lab Partners with Pro Bono Australia

B Lab, the Not for Profit that oversees B Corp certification, has partnered with Pro Bono Australia to strengthen the network of B Corps and foster relationships with other socially-conscious businesses.

Partnerships & Programs
Feb 10 2016

Towards a Value-Creating Board – Report

The amount of time board directors spend on their work and commitment to strategy is rising. But in a new McKinsey Global Survey, few respondents rated their boards as being effective at most tasks or reported good feedback or training practices.

Reports, Research & Publications
Feb 10 2016

Young Australian Named Global Ethical Business Leader

A corporate social responsibility strategist from Melbourne, Emerald Araiza, will be recognised as one of the 100 Most Impactful Global CSR Leaders at the World CSR Congress in Mumbai, India later this month.

Feb 10 2016

Putting A Financial Figure on all the Impacts Made By Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise should be assessing whether or not it is performing well and what sort of beneficial social change is happening as a result of its activities and “financialising” everything is not a desirable avenue to be go down, writes Alan Kay from the UK’s Social Audit Network.

Community Development
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